Napa County ParkRx

Our mission is to prevent and treat chronic disease and promote wellness by connecting patients to parks

Napa County Park Prescription is a program where public land agencies, healthcare providers, and community partners work together to encourage Napa County residents to utilize parks, trails, and open space to improve individual and community health.

Virtual Events:
This Earth Day 2020, we encourage you to stay active and enjoy nature. Download a challenge below to complete the 14 activities and enter to win a PRIZE!

To enter, take a photo of your completed ParkRx challenge card and/or write about one thing you learned and email it to You can also share it on the Napa County ParkRx Facebook page.

COVID-19 related resources:

Current Status of Napa County Parks & Trails

Using Trails and Outdoor Spaces Safely in the Wake of COVID-19

Good Trail Etiquette Has Never Been More Essential Than It Is Right Now

Printed Resources: English & Spanish

PArks Prescription

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